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  • What will my portraits reveal about me?
    A portrait tells us a lot about a person. Portraits show us what a person’s physical features are, but can also reveal something that is very telling about a person. Emotions are key in a portrait because it can show the innermost feeling or mood of a person.
  • Why should I want to have my portrait done?
    A portrait is many things to different people. A portrait is a documentation of a moment in time. It is a declaration that you exist and will continue to do so in the hearts of future generations. The intention of a portrait should be to capture the personality of the person.
  • What’s the difference between a portrait and a photo?
    A portrait is usually posed and describes a genre of photography. A picture has a broader description and it may be a representation of an image. Photo comes from Greek photos (light), and it is short for photography, (an image made with light.)
  • I’m not photogenic. How will you show me at my best?
    I believe there is no such thing as being photogenic. The key to capturing you at your best is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I will guide you and suggest poses that feel natural to you. I tend to veer away from rigid, posed pictures and lean towards finding that moment where your eyes twinkle or your smile lights up the room.
  • How long does my portrait session last?
    There’s really no time limit but after sitting in a chair for up to 90 minutes doing hair and makeup you are ready to begin taking your portraits. The actual photo shoot will last at least two hours. Some people are done sooner and some take more time.
  • How many outfits should I bring?
    We will discuss that during our wardrobe consultation. I recommend between three and five outfits. You can have a variety of looks. For example, glamorous, sexy, casual, business attire, etc.
  • Can I do my portrait session in both the studio and on location?
    I have often started a photo shoot in my home studio and that way we can concentrate on outfit changes. At the end of the studio shoot we can go out on location. I like doing it that way because you will have many more variations of portraits to choose from when it comes time for the purchasing reveal session. At that time, you can see the best images of the photo shoot and fall in love with them.
  • How much is a portrait session?
    Portrait sessions start at $299. This covers a makeover session, a custom photo shoot, and a reveal session for one. Wall portraits start at $250; folio collections start at $1200; and a 9up is $1800. (A 9up portrait is nine 5x7 prints on one acid free mat and framed.)
  • How long before I see my finished portraits?
    I realize you are excited to see the finished portraits as soon as possible. I work to make sure you receive them in a reasonable time. The average turnaround for a collection of twenty-four printed and matted portraits for you to choose from takes two weeks.
  • Will I own my portraits?
    Photographers own the copyright of their images. Photographs are considered intellectual property because they are the result of artistic creativity. You will have access to purchased images to use for your website, social media, dating profile, and other social media accounts. Anita usually updates her collection of work often and she may use some of the images for marketing purposes. If you are uncomfortable with your portraits being used then you can discuss it with Anita.
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