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 “What does a portrait represent?  What is the value of an image? These are questions that always come to mind when engaging with the subject while having camera in hand. I have learned to pay attention to my process. I remain in the moment for every aspect of work I produce from planning, all the way to delivering the images.


If you think there is no value in a photograph, you may be right because you value other things. On the other hand, you may want to leave a legacy behind for future generations because it is important. I grew up with a mother who values family photographs and today she is still enthralled looking at dated images she took as if it were the first time. A person’s genuine love for a photograph combined with the fleeting moment it captures can never be reproduced or
re-experienced. I believe that is exactly what an image represents and where the true value of an image exists.”



"It's not your job to be 'photogenic' in front of the camera that's my job. It is my commitment to you to make sure you are comfortable throughout your entire photo shoot and to show you the most beautiful portraits anyone has ever taken."

" I take the worry out of being photographed."

"If you are wondering how you will look in your portraits and think you are not photogenic or it's been forever since you last had professional pictures done of yourself, you are in good hands. I make it a fun and it is an uplifting experience."

"I promise this experience will change the way you see yourself."

Anita's Bio

• BFA from The School of Visual Arts

• Hunter College Baccalaureate Program

• Studied at the Sorbonne in Paris

• Lived & worked in West Africa as a Portrait & Fashion Photographer.

• Love biking and rollerblading all over NYC


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